What Are the Benefits of Buying a High Quality Rod?


Nothing is more frustrating than having to call off a fishing trip because your fishing rod broke. Low quality “cheapo” fishing rods will get you through one or two days of fishing– if you’re lucky.

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On the other hand, well-made fishing rods are built to last. You don’t have to spend much extra money to upgrade to a quality rod.

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Plus, quality rods are easier to use compared to second-rate alternatives.

High quality rods are equipped with single piece, stainless steel guides. The more guides you see on the rod, the better off you’ll be. Well-placed guides distribute tension, allowing the fishing rod to curve nicely instead of bend at sharp angles.

All good fishing rods come with warranties. One year is the standard, but some companies offer five year warranties.

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Both cork and foam grips work pretty well. Cork grips have a classic look and they last as long as foam grips as long as you remember to wear gloves when you handle your rod. Oil excreted by sweaty hands tends to erode cork handles.

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