The Top 3 Fishing Rods of 2016

Listed below are three of our favorite fishing rods. All three are high-quality yet inexpensive rods that offer a big bang for your buck– but each one is unique. Let’s take a closer look.

Shimano is a good brand to know if you’re shopping for any kind of fishing rod. We like Shimano’s Solora model because it’s reliable and easy to use. It’s a spinning rod, so it’s very easy to cast.

The Solora is a two-piece portable rod, but the joints are solid and will last a long time if you keep them clean.

The only thing that we would change about this product is the stock reel that comes with it. The reel works just fine, but the line is so thin that it’s only good for catching smaller fish. Upgrade the reel before you drive out to the lake if you want to catch bigger fish, and you’ll be good to go. Another attractive thing about this rod is that the price is very nice.

Next up on our list is a bait casting rod. Bait casting requires fishing skill, so this rod is for anglers with at least some fishing experience.

We loved the Cherrywood HD’s mixture of sensitivity and strength. When bait casting, you have to know when you’re getting a nibble or else the fish will eat the bait off the hook and swim away before you can reel it in.

Another great thing about the Cherrywood is that it’s built to last. The Cherrywood HD is a one-piece rod outfitted with rugged SS304 guides that won’t warp if you drop your rod or bump it against something.

Additionally, this fishing rod feels great when you hold it in your hands. It’s lightweight and the cork grip allows you to get a handle on the situation when you need to pull hard and follow through on a catch.

Our final fishing rod recommendation is a spin casting rod from Zebco. Zebco is another name brand that’s good to know if you’re in the market for fishing supplies. Zebco has been around since 1949 and they are known for producing innovative, high-quality fishing gear.

If you’ve used professional gear before, your mind will be blown when you pick up Zebco’s Delta Spincast. The Delta Spincast is a $60 rod that feels like it costs twice as much when you use it. Many pros who use rods that cost $200 or more keep a Delta Spincast around just in case their main rod breaks.

Most Zebco products last a long time, and the Delta Spincast is no exception. The low price and excellent construction make the Delta Spincast a great beginner fishing rod. If you are looking for a fishing rod to give your son or daughter for Christmas, the Delta Spincast is an excellent choice.