The Abu Garcia Vendetta Series Casting Rod

Product Name:The Abu Garcia Vendetta Series Casting Rod
Brand:Bait Casting
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The Abu Garcia Vendetta Series Casting Rod
The Abu Garcia Vendetta Series Casting Rod is a great choice for those using casting rods. This series has been updated with a new design featuring added strength and durability. You can really feel it’s added strength – you’re not going to have to worry about your longest cast breaking your brand-new rod.

Some technical specifications first. The rod is made of 30 ton graphite with a nice well-balanced design that uses IntraCarbon technology. This technology uses very fine layers of multidirectional carbon fibers in the rod. These layers increase the compression strength of the rod, lessening the risk of failure when the rod is under heavy load. Due to using this new technology, the rod is lighter with more sensitivity. The 30 ton graphite means that the fibers used in the fiberglass are stiffer and are more efficient in transmitting vibrations to your hand so you can really feel what’s going on as you’re fishing.

Its one-piece aluminum screw-down hood makes for a sold connection. Guides are made of stainless steel with zirconium inserts for added strength. The rod comes with a Texas rigged hook keeper so you use it with all kinds of bait. Comes with foam grips in a split grip design.

The best feature of the Vendetta Series Casting Rod is its long casting range. It was easy to cast long with lures within its rated casting range. Even better, it still performed to spec with lures above that range. Very easy to cast, although you may have to adjust your fingers a little on the grip. Sometimes it can be a little awkward casting.

The second best feature of the rod has to be its power. It is so strong that you can really lean into it while casting without having to worry if it’s going to snap.

The Abu Garcia Vendetta Series Casting Rod has solid customer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. One guy even bragged he had already caught three fish with it before he posted his review. The complaints seem a little overblown.

The only real product drawback that people mentioned is a somewhat fragile tip. Some users have complained about it breaking easily due to how fragile it was. Others have dismissed this complaint and said they had absolutely no problem with it, so your mileage may vary. The other complaint people had was the rod being broken in shipment. From reading the reviews, it seemed the issue was the rod not being packed right for shipping. This is probably due to inexperience in shipping fishing rods. Make sure you purchase it from a fishing-friendly vendor that knows how to pack a rod. Most of the shipping complaints seem to have centered on vendors that sell everything and are not geared to shipping items out of the ordinary like fishing rods.

The rod does come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. There is a ten dollar service fee when you send your rod in, but you’re covered otherwise. Prices for the various models range from about $60 to $120, depending on exact model and features. All in all, a solid value for the money. We’d highly recommend this rod.

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