Common Problems With Cheap Fishing Rods


Cheap fishing rods are notorious for their low quality guides. Guides with ceramic o-ring inserts chip easily. If you have a chip in your o-ring, your line is likely to snap when you try to reel in a catch. If you find a fishing rod with guides made from flimsy aluminum oxide, steer clear.

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Also, beware of two-piece guides– they are more likely to pop off your rod. Some manufacturers even use glue to attach their guides to rods. Needless to say, glued-on guides don’t last long. Hot sunlight, rain or salty water can easily melt away even the hardiest adhesives.

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Yet another problem with guides is that they sometimes don’t line up properly. If your guides are off, you’ll notice your fishing rod bending at a sharp angle when you try to draw in a catch. Ideally, the guides should be evenly spaced so that the weight is distributed across the length of the rod.

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There are a few exceptions, but most portable fishing rods are poorly made. Ferrules are just another point of failure. Cheaply made joints tend to rust or break apart. If you can manage to find enough space to accommodate one, a one-piece fishing rod is the way to go.

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