The Shimano Solora 2-Piece Spinning Rod

Product Name:The Shimano Solora 2-Piece Spinning Rod
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The Shimano Solora 2-Piece Spinning Rod

If you’re looking for a great spinning rod look no further than the Shimano Solora 2-piece spinning rod. Two things are important to consider in a rod: Power and Action. The “power” refers to what lure weights and line sizes a rod can handle. The “action” refers to how much a rod bends when you are casting or if you have a fish at the end of the line. If you have an extra fast rod action you will notice that the rod will only bend at the tip. While the very slowest will bend all of the way to the handle. A fast action rod it will give you longer casts. Although soft action rods are more forgiving and will have less tendency to throw the bait from the hook.

So for a good all-around fishing rod you will be looking for a medium-light power, fast action rod that can be used with a spinning reel. This is the sweet spot where the Shimano Solora lives. The Solora is sturdy, stable, and reliable. You can use it rod for small and big fish, including trout, bass, salmon, perch, pan fish, flathead, bream, flounder… Pair this rod with a chosen reel and the ocean is your oyster!

Shimano, a company located near Osaka, Japan, is most well-known for producing bicycles, and has partnered with Lance Armstrong. Their fine craftsmanship in cycling translates to an equal talent for precision in fishing poles. They’re the perfect blend of technology, well-balanced materials and comfort. All that, and a price which means you’ll be can fish from a jetty and worry about hooking that great bass, rather than whether you’ll have to take out another mortgage if you damage your expensive rod!

Line this rod up next to more expensive ones like Clarus, St. Croix, and G-loomis, and it holds its own with confidence. The Shimano Solora 2-piece rod is one of the rare circumstances where you get more than what you paid for.

Shimano’s Solora’s 2-piece rod is available in multiple lengths — 5-foot, 6-inches; 6-foot; 6-foot, 6-inches; and 7-foot. With a cork split grip, this rod will last you a long time. Like many Shimano products, it’s beautifully crafted. The line is escorted up the rod by aluminum oxide guides, and use the EVA butt cap to support the rod against your body when fighting those larger fish. Sensitivity is rare in 2-piece rods, but the Solora is sensitive enough to feel small fish bites, while also strong enough to tire out the larger fish. Use it in saltwater (followed by a thorough rinse) and freshwater.

The Shimano Solora 2-piece is a great main rod for beginners, or as an additional backup for seasoned fisherman. It’s extremely affordable, while handling like rods in much higher price tiers. It’s beautifully crafted and designed to last a long time, never losing its strength. The action is great, it casts with great ease and the power of it is unexpected.

The Shimano Solora can most easily be purchased on Amazon. It ships in a strong tube which can be reused to store it.

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