ShakeSpeare Micro Fishing Rod

Product Name:ShakeSpeare Micro Fishing Rod
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ShakeSpeare Micro Fishing Rod

Shakespeare has become a fantastic company over the years. Whether you’re a tourist on their first fishing trip, or a professional angler, they have products that will exceed your expectations. Shakespeare’s Micro Spinning Rod is no exception.

To start off, the weight of this rod is incredibly light. This makes for very smooth casting. With 6 pound line on the reel you will find yourself casting 20 or 30 yards with no effort. Having a rod that doesn’t hinder your cast distance is indescribably nice. Slowly reeling in your line, and getting a feel for where the fish are, is what most fisherman like to spend their time doing. Not quickly reeling it in, constantly trying to get a better cast. If you’ve ever used a junk rod and reel, you know how frustrating that can be. Unless you pair the Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod with a bottom of the line closed reel, you’re not going to be worried about anything besides the fish.

Another great thing about their Micro Spinning Rod, is the sensitivity. Shakespeare makes a lot of products, and one thing consistent between them is the sensitivity. This rod, made out of graphite, allows you to feel everything happening to your bait. You can tell when the hook is scraping across some rocks on the river bed, you can tell when it is in a patch of algae, and you can tell when a fish is tasting your bait. With beginners this may not mean a whole lot, but with a little bit of experience it can make a big difference. With Shakespeare’s Micro Spinning Rod you can tell when fish are trying to just get a sample of your bait. If you learn exactly when the opportune moment is, then you can use this to your advantage; you can catch a lot more fish. All you have to do is use the rod to set the hook into the fish’s mouth.

Graphite is such an excellent material. It really makes this rod a bargain for the price. Not only does it allow a beginner to set a hook like a pro. It also makes casting a breeze, as long as you have a decent reel. For under 25 dollars you will not find a better rod. In every way, Shakespeare’s Micro Spinning Rod performs like many 50 to 80 dollar rods. For river, pond, or lake fishing it will meet most of your needs. However, you’re not going to catch an alligator gar with this thing. It’s a great rod, but it doesn’t perform miracles. It has an intended use, the rod is absolutely perfect for catching trout. It’s also great for any similarly sized fish out of the lake. After using this rod for these fish, you’ll learn what you want to use for catching a 20 pound catfish later on.

This pole is recommended for almost any beginner fisherman. For the more experienced fisherman, it is still recommended. A better pole cannot be found for a cheaper price. The graphite rod, cork handle, and stainless guides combine to make a work of art. Shakespeare is continuously doing very well at this.

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