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For the experienced angler looking to chase after the really big fish, there is a real need to bring the best possible equipment. Bait casting fishing rods are the best combination of rigid rod to help drag a really strong fish out of the water, and the maximum control over the line that can allow you, with no small amount of skill, to be pinpoint accurate at incredible distance, all without disturbing the surface of the water at all.

Bait casting fishing rods operate in a similar manner to spinning fishing rods in that the angler is controlling the release of the line by pinning it against the rod, but the reel on a bait casting fishing rod is mounted on the top of the rod so the line is held with the thumb rather than the finger. One important concept to mention however is that many problems can be run into by trying to keep the reel as upright as possible.

It’s widely encouraged to try and hold your rod so that your thumb is trapped the line either slightly to the left or right of directly vertical, depending on which is most comfortable to you. This will allow your wrist to move more freely and encourage the fluid motion of the cast which will give you maximum results both in accuracy, and distance. Additionally it may be difficult to control your line mid cast if you are holding it vertically as your thumb will have a harder time trapping the line because it’s motion will be restricted by your wrist being at an awkward angle.

 It’s important to get this right too, as if you forget to hold the line down you can tangle the whole thing up when the reel spins too fast to allow the line out. This embarrassing result of poor technique has likely happened to every angler who has learned the method of bait casting fishing rods, but it is a very good example of why it is largely recommended that beginners don’t start with this type of equipment until they understand the fundamentals.

Replacing it time and again becomes expensive, especially when you consider the heavier lines that are used by bait casting fishing rods. However, once you become proficient at it, bait casting fishing rods offer a durable, reliable and accurate fishing experience that can be used to catch anything from small and medium leisure catches to the very large fish that get you on the front page of the newspaper.

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